(Before I even start, here’s a link to Folk-O-Rama: Vol. 2 if you haven’t heard it yet!

Okay, to celebrate being #1 on the folk punk charts on Bandcamp, I’m doing a crazy giveaway because I like giving people cool stuff for free. 

There isn’t one big grand prize. I’m just going to pick as many winners as I have prizes. So your odds of getting something are pretty good!

Here’s a list of prizes so far (though there may be more when all is said and done):

  • Davey Dynamite - “Some Thoughts” CD
  • Just Nick / Paper Ceilings split CD
  • Steve Layman t-shirt
  • Marco Polio tapes & zines
  • Bogsey & the Argonauts buttons
  • Billy Mack Collector CD
  • Moon Bandits mystery prize package
  • Jacob Norman Chainsaw-Arm “Until Then” demo version
  • Folk-O-Rama: Vol. 1 and 2 CD
  • Paper Ceilings buttons
  • Folk-O-Rama stickers
  • Random patches and stickers of other bands that I have lying around but don’t have any use for

And now for the all important rules:

  • To enter, you need to reblog this post. I’m not going to count likes. One reblog = one entry. 
  • You don’t have to follow Folk-O-Rama or anything to enter because I think that’s a bit silly, but on the other hand, if you’re entering this, you obviously like the music, so it might be something you want to do anyway!
  • I will randomly draw winners two weeks from today on March 18 which is coincidentally my birthday. 
  • After that I will contact the winners to get their address. You’ll have 5 days to reply. If you don’t reply, I’ll pick someone else.
  • Please make sure your ask box is turned on or that you have an email address listed prominently on your page, otherwise I won’t know how to contact you and that’s no good.

That’s about it! Let me know if I forgot anything. You can direct any questions to my ask box and I’ll answer them the best I can.