This is in response to the Art Assignment # 11, Under the Influence— I tried to emulate John Darnielle’s writing and performance. (I chose him cause I felt like I was familiar enough with his music to make a passable facsimile, and that it would jive well with my own style.) 

I wrote it in 20 minutes and this is my first take. 

Read my notes for this project here - Download my music here 


D A Em G - going to ithaca 

the first time I saw you in the lotus-eaters lair 
you looked unusually lovely with your dark dark hair 
your sisters all around you with flowers in their teeth 
and i stammered and stuttered but then you heard me speak 
what is this place where sky’s dark green 
and the skin on all your bodies has a sweaty glowing sheen 
it is beautiful and terrible in it’s own way 
but I know just from looking that I can not stay 
Going to Ithaca 

feet rooted so deeply in the soil you grew 
and the blood in my mouth was like cold tomato stew 
threw my leg over my 97’ Victory 
roaring loud like the ocean - eyes glinting like a steed 
Your eyes sparked back with the light of the storm 
But my headlights pointed towards the place I was born 
Up from the deep where the damp moss grew 
and you knew I was leaving you knew it was true 
Going to Ithaca 

the road got more solid as I drove out of your lair 
and i took my first breath of the cold fall air 
you had tightened my screws with a cold hard wrench 
like the bars on the central albany bus station bench 
the psychic in bathroom sang weird old songs to me 
it was a cold day in November and I was finally free 
the road curved up it was inviting me in  
i had a couple old sweaters to hide me from the wind 
trees thinning out like i might as well fly 
and i breathed in my courage from the dark new york sky 
going to ithaca

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Mitch the Champ - “Exercise” (Folk-O-Rama Session)

Yesterday Mitch the Champ rode the Megabus into town and we recorded this session. We also recorded a song that’s gonna go on Folk-O-Rama 4, but you’ll have to wait a while to hear that one.




So how about two splits within 24 hours. Here’s my new split with HUMAN PETTING ZOO


New Trundle Session up now from daysndaze!!! Find them all on www.youtube.com/dietpoprecords

Diet Pop Records have been doing a great job with sessions lately. They’re like slightly fancier and better produced Folk-O-Rama sessions. Go watch all of the ones they’ve got up.

Dollar Signs - “I’m More Tolerant Than You by Matt Canino” (Folk-O-Rama Session)

Dollar Signs stopped by on their way back east from California for about an hour a few weeks ago to film this session and eat some pizza. It was pretty cool.

Check out more Dollar Signs stuff here: http://dollarsigns.bandcamp.com

Check out more Folk-O-Rama stuff here:


My new album, No More Blue Tomorrows, is out now!  10 songs in the living room folk style.  The whole thing was recorded in one day using one microphone to one track on cassette.  It’s free to listen to and download over at my Bandcamp.

Morning Effort - “Captain Football (Shitty Kinsella Ripoff)” [Folk-O-Rama Session]

Did you guys know that Matt from Amy Bruce Spaceshow also has an emo band called Morning Effort? Here’s a brand new session of him playing one of their songs acoustically. In retrospect, I probably should’ve turned on a few more lights in my apartment, but darkness is pretty cool probably.

Check out the band’s EP here: http://morningeffort.bandcamp.com

Get more Folk-O-Rama stuff here: http://folk-o-rama.bandcamp.com



it’s summer; i’m bored, I’m grouchy, and i need a haircut

personal philosophies//amy bruce spaceshow


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Hey there just a reminder that our split 7” with Cottontail is out. You can mailorder them from us at the link below. But if you would rather just get one in person then you should go to a Ramshackle Glory show during their tour. They have some with them. Thanks to those of you that have already picked one up from us. You’re are the best, and its because of you that we get to keep making records.